Affinity Projects sets up events and provides transportation, volunteers and professionally trained medical staff on site for senior citizens.

 The Affinity Projects and partner’s mission is to provide fun activities for senior citizens. Whether you’re a healthy retiree or a nursing home resident, there are activities that will suit needs. Outings provide fantastic opportunity to stimulate minds, give valuable social interaction, and boost physical activity levels. As a care giver or family member of a depressed older person, make it your responsibility to get involved. The elder person generally denies any problems or may fear being mentally ill, which can make it that much harder to know if the elder person is having any issues. You can help the elder person feel the magic of the season and feel loved by including them in general activities

Throughout the U.S., elderly people suffering from loneliness, tenuousness or loss of self-sufficiency are invisible and forgotten. The mission of Affinity Projects – Friends of the Elderly is to advocate for elders who are isolated and at risk by developing long-term companionships to provide greater well-being and stability, promote independent living and instill a sense of belonging.

The efforts of Affinity Projects – Friends of the Elderly make a real impact, thanks to the commitment of volunteers and the generosity of donors like you. Your support gives hope to elderly people and lets them know they are not forgotten.

All donations to Affinity Projects Inc, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, are tax-deductible. Affinity Projects Inc Tax ID is 47-5222061